TMOM brings digital solutions to traditional problems allowing you to: 


Increase OEE:

The digitalization of work planning, centralized configuration of machine parameters, handling raw materials and finished products, measurements, inspections, and reports dramatically reduces time and errors prone to these activities.


Improve product quality and significantly reduce waste:

By digital recording quality measurements, it is possible to promptly intervene to correct the production process, machine parameters and correct improper operator activities.


Ease of use:

TMOM can be used by any type of user on any platform: mobile devices, industrial PCs and desktops. Information is always available to production, quality and maintenance operators anywhere, anytime.

"At Körber in recent months, we have worked to achieve the convergence between lean manufacturing and factory digitalization, creating strategic value for our customers with innovative solutions to increase the efficiency of production sites. Combining their expertise, Körber Tissue and Kodis have developed Tissue MOM, the Manufacturing Operations Management (TMOM) solution created specifically for tissue converters. "

Jhon Sebastian Niño Cabezas | Digital Sales Representative at Körber Tissue

Discover why many tissue converters are choosing TMOM: 

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